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About Pots2Plots

First published in 2009, Pots2Plots.com is the sister site of Recipes4us.co.uk, one of the UK’s largest independent recipe and food information websites.

With more and more talk of worldwide food shortages and carbon footprints, many are now  choosing to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs and even edible flowers. Pots2Plots.com is aimed at the beginner and more experienced gardener alike and  is a complete guide to growing edible crops in garden beds, allotments and containers: from small pots to large plots, covering most subjects related to growing your own including garden planning, gardening equipment, site and soil management, sowing, planting, looking after crops, harvesting, storing and even cooking home grown produce.

Florence Sandeman, the creator and publisher of both websites, started gardening as a very young child and has over 40 years’ experience of growing her own produce – from the simplicity of  windowsill pots of herbs to the more exacting techniques of  planting and training espalier, fan and cordon fruit trees and has a wealth of experience of growing edible crops in both large plots and containers.

FJS Publisher

A note from the Publisher
With so much in the news about eating seasonal and locally grown foods, thereby cutting down carbon emissions of imported foods,  the aim of this website is to supply detailed information covering all aspects of growing your own from the planning stage to harvesting and most importantly, in all situations . . . . from pots to plots!

So even if you've never grown anything, this site will guide you through the process from start to finish with quick tips and in depth articles.

Even growing a few herbs or salad crops, in a flower pot or hanging basket can be very rewarding ....and tasty but best of all, your crops will be available as and when you need them during the season and, if you choose to grow organic, free of pesticides.

Although from a personal point of view, I prefer growing crops as as organically as possible, I am by no means a zealot when it comes to other people's personal choices, especially as I know from first hand experience, how devastating it can be to find half  your young seedlings have provided a midnight feast for resident slugs.

Therefore, this site will always provide a chemical alternative (if there is a safe one available) to dealing with pests and diseases, as the main aim is to get people growing their own.

Happy Growing !



Please note:  This is a commercial website, not a personal blog, so any products shown in advertising appearing on pages are not, necessarily, endorsed by Pots2Plots or the Publisher.

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