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Choosing Gardening Tools & Equipment

How to decide what gardening equipment you will need


Gardening Tools

With the myriad of gardening equipment, tools and accessories for sale, it can be daunting trying to fathom what equipment you will need. In general, it will depend on what you are growing and  where you will be growing it. Take heart!  We have divided the tools and equipment section into easy to understand sub-sections which will help you understand your garden equipment needs for your particular situation.

To get started, choose the section which most closely relates to your circumstances. And don't worry if more than one sub-section applies - we've tied it all up to allow for most gardening needs and eventualities. We've even broken the sub-sections down into "must haves", "helpful additions" and "if you've got the money".

There is one thing which applies to all situations whether you are growing on pots or plots: gardening equipment can be expensive to be sure to look after it. Leaving spades and forks outdoors for weeks on end can shorten their working lives considerably, however with a minimum of effort, most gardening equipment can see you through a lifetime's gardening.

NB   This section only deals with equipment. For information about compost, fertilisers and chemicals visit our Resources section. For a complete list of garden tools and equipment including a description of their uses, visit the List of Tools & Equipment page where you can also buy most of the equipment listed through Amazon.

I have an allotment

Choose this section if you have an allotment or other large open plot.      > > > More

I have a garden

Choose this section if you have a garden with dug garden beds or raised beds. If you have a very large garden which will mostly be given over to growing crops, then choose the  "I have an allotment" section.                   > > > More

I have a patio or balcony

Choose this section if you have paved or concreted areas - large or small - or if you only have outdoor areas for window boxes or hanging baskets.              > > > More



I want to grow crops indoors

Choose this section if you wish to grow crops indoors  whether it's on a windowsill or in a conservatory          > > > More


I have a Greenhouse

Choose this section if you own or have access to a greenhouse.            > > > More

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