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Choosing Equipment for growing indoors

How to choose what gardening equipment you will need if you want to grow crops indoors


Gardening Tools

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The equipment you will need for growing edible crops indoors will partly depend on what you are planning to grow and how much space you have: from a windowsill to a conservatory.  There are some items which will be essential, some which would be handy and some which whilst not necessary, may make certain tasks much easier.

To separate the wheat from the chaff we've divided possible equipment into three categories: Must Haves,  Helpful Additions,  If You've Got The Money

NB   This section only deals with equipment and compost. For information about compost, fertilisers and chemicals visit our Resources section. For a complete list of garden tools and equipment including a description of their uses, visit the List of Tools & Equipment page where you can also buy most of the equipment listed through Amazon.

Must Have

These are the very basics without which you will have difficulty growing vegetables, fruit, and herb indoors. If you are planning on growing citrus fruit trees or larger crops such as tomatoes in a conservatory, you may need extra items listed in the "helpful additions" section below.

Various ContainersContainers - from traditional flower pots to specialist strawberry pots: wood, plastic, terracotta, stone, metal: unusual shapes, depending on how much space you have.
           Water Tray
You will also need the right sized trays on which to stand your containers to catch any  water which may drain through the container after watering.



Crocks or Stones
Hand Fork and Towel
Hand fork & trowel 
Watering Can
Small Watering Can 
Canes and Sticks
Sticks or canes

Helpful Additions

Although the above items will allow you to get on with most jobs indoors, the following items will either make life a lot easier or enable you to broaden your general gardening skills or the types of crops you grow.

Seed pots and trays
Seed pots and trays
Secateurs & Pruners
Plant Ties
Plant Ties
Plastic Spray Bottle
Plastic Spray Bottle
Garden Dibber

If you've got the money

The following items are not absolutely necessary and some can set you back a pretty penny however, they open up all sorts of possibilities for growing a wider variety of crops indoors.

Electric Seed Propagator
Electric Indoor Propagator
grow Lamp
Grow Lamps
Hydroponic System
Hydroponic System

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