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Apple Tree Cultivars

Information about Apple Tree Varieties (cultivars ) including pollination groups, type of fruit and cropping season

Apple CultivarsAll apple fruit trees are pollinated by insects,  however most apple trees need to be planted near to another apple tree of a different cultivar (variety) to ensure a good crop, so choosing the right apple trees is of utmost importance to avoid  disappointment. The information below will  make it easy for you to  choose suitable apple tree(s).



Although there are a few cultivars available which are self fertile, i.e. they pollinate themselves with no need for another tree, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are buying, it’s best to err on the side of caution and buy two different cultivars of apple trees to ensure you get a reasonable crop of apples.  If you have lots of apple trees nearby in  neighbouring gardens or allotments, you may get away with buying just one tree so long as the distance isn’t too great.


Before you buy your trees,  consideration must  be given to the flowering time of the trees being purchased to guarantee the flowers from all trees blossom at around the same time so that insects can cross-pollinate.


Below is a chart showing some popular cultivars available which have been grouped in accordance to their flowering time. It is therefore important to choose trees which are either in the same group or from adjacent groups. For example, apart from Triploids (see explanation below)  – any tree from group C can be pollinated by any tree from group B or Group D


Triploids do not pollinate other apple trees. If you choose a triploid cultivar because you like the fruit it produces, you will need at least two other apple trees from adjacent groups to ensure you get fruit on all three trees.

T = Triploid

Self-Sterile = need another cultivar to produce a reasonable crop

Self-Fertile =  will produce a reasonable crop if planted singly

Part Self-Fertile =  produce a better crop if planted close to another cultivar

Early Season - Harvest Mid August - Early September

Mid Season   - Harvest Mid September - Mid October

Late Season  - Harvest Late October - November


Cultivar (named variety) Use Crop
    Bolero Dessert Mid A Self-sterile
    Cleeve Dessert Early A Self-sterile
    Gravenstein Dual Mid A Self-sterile
    Red Astrachan Dual Early A Self-sterile
    Vista Bella Dessert Early A Self-sterile
    Alkmene Dessert Late B Self-sterile
    Carlisle Codlin Cooking Mid B Self-sterile
    Christmas Pearmain Dessert Late B Self-fertile
    Devonshire Quarrenden Dessert Early B Part self-fertile
    Duchess of Oldenburg Dual Early B Self-sterile
    Egremont Russet Dessert Mid B Parti self-fertile
    Genet Moyle Cooking Mid B Self-sterile
    George Cave Dessert Early B Self-fertile
    George Neal Dual Early B Self-sterile
    Golden Russet Dessert Late B Self-sterile
    Golden Spire Cooking Mid B Self-fertile
    Greensleeves Dessert Mid B Part self-fertile
    Idared Dessert Late B Self-sterile
    Irish Peach Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Lord Suffield Cooking Early B Self-sterile
    Red Windsor Dessert Mid B Self-fertile
    Reverend W Wilks Cooking Early B Self-fertile
    Ribston Pippin Dessert Late B T
    Summer Golden Pippin Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Winter Pearmain Dual Late B Self-sterile
    Lord Lambourne Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Arthur Turner Cooking Early C Part self-fertile
    Blenheim Orange Dual Late C T
    Bountiful Cooking Mid C Self-sterile
    Bramley Original Cooking Late C T
    Bramley's Seedling Cooking Late C T
    Brownlees' Russet Dessert Late C Self-fertile
    Charles Ross Dual Mid C Part self-fertile
    Cox (Self Fertile) Dessert Late C Self-fertile
    Cox's Orange Pippin Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Crispin Dual Late C T
    Diamond Jubilee Dual Late C Self-sterile
    Discovery Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Epicure (Laxton's) Dessert Early C Part self-fertile
    Falstaff Dessert Late C Part self-fertile
    Falstaff (Red) Dessert Late C Part self-fertile
    Fortune (Laxton's) Dessert Early C Part self-fertile
    Golden Pippin Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Granny Smith Dessert Late C Self-fertile
    Grenadier Cooking Early C Part self-fertile
    Holstein Dessert Late C T
    James Grieve Dual Early C Part self-fertile
    James Grieve (Red) Dual Early C Self-sterile
    Karmijn de Sonnaville Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Katy Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Lane's Prince Albert Cooking Late C Part self-fertile
    Peasgood's Nonsuch Dual Mid C Part self-fertile
    Red Devil Dessert Mid C Self-fertile
    Rosemary Russet Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Rubens Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Scrumptious Dessert Early C Self-fertile
    Spartan Dessert Late C Self-fertile
    St Edmund's Pippin Dessert Mid C Part self-fertile
    St Everard Dessert Early C Self-fertile
    Stirling Castle Cooking Mid C Part self-fertile
    Sturmer Pippin Dessert Late C Part self-fertile
    Sunset Dessert Mid C Self-fertile
    Tydeman's EarlyWorcester Dessert Early C Part self-fertile
    Tydeman's Late Orange Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Winter Gem Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Worcester Pearmain Dessert Early C Part self-fertile
    Annie Elizabeth Cooking Late D Part self-fertile
    Ashmead's Kernel Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Braeburn Dessert Late D Self-fertile
    Bramley Clone 20 Cooking Late D Self-sterile
    Chivers Delight Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Claygate Pearmain Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    D'Arcy Spice Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Ellison's Orange Dessert Mid D Part self-fertile
    Fall Pippin Dual Mid D Self-sterile
    Fuji Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Gala Dessert Late D Part self-fertile
    Gladstone Dessert Early D Part self-fertile
    Gloster 69 Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Golden Delicious Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Golden Noble Cooking Mid D Self-sterile
    Grange's Pearmain Dual Late D Self-sterile
    Howgate Wonder Cooking Late D Part self-fertile
    Limelight Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    London Pippin Cooking Late D Self-sterile
    Lord Derby Cooking Mid D Part self-fertile
    Mother (American) Dessert Mid D Part self-fertile
    Newton Wonder Cooking Late D Part self-fertile
    Norfolk Royal Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Norfolk Royal Russet Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Red Delicious Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Sweet Society Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Winston Dessert Late D Self-fertile
    Clopton Red Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    King Charles Pearmain Dessert Late E Self-sterile
    Orleans Reinette Dessert Late E Part self-fertile
    Pixie Dessert Late E Self-sterile
    Shakespeare Dessert Late E Self-sterile
    Suntan Dessert Late E T
    Winter Majetin Cooking Late E Self-sterile
    Carswell's Honeydew Dessert Mid F Self-sterile
    Court Pendu Plat Dessert Late F Self-sterile
    Crawley Beauty Dual Late F Self-sterile
    Edward VII Cooking Late F Self-sterile
    Flower of Kent Cooking Late F Self-sterile
    Royal Jubilee Cooking Mid F Self-fertile


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