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June Fruit Calendar

List of jobs to do in the Fruit Garden in June


Fruit in June

Below is a list of essential jobs to do in the fruit garden in June.


Because the defaults for this website are set for the UK, as well as monthly 'jobs to do calendars', we have also included seasonal calendars, so all visitors can choose the appropriate season for their location.


You may also wish to check our resources page where you can find more detailed articles explaining how to do specific jobs.



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Do not spray any plants with insecticides if still flowering as this could harm pollinating insects leading to a poor fruit yield later in the year.

Keep weeds under control

Keep all fruit watered during dry spells



Pruning & training  fruit in June

Lightly prune over-zealous apple, pear, plum and cherry trees if necessary to keep them compact

Continue de-shooting wall trained  trees paying particular attention to shoots which are pointing towards or away from the the wall

Pinch out tip buds of young shoots on mature fig trees

Select raspberry shoots for tying in

Prune old canes on newly planted raspberries once new shoots are produced

Tie in new shoots on blackberries and hybrid berries



Continue harvesting small gooseberries which can be used for cooking making sure you leave some on the bush to mature

Continue harvesting protected strawberries

Continue harvesting Rhubarb picking 1 or 2 sticks from each plant at any one time

Start harvesting strawberries, early raspberries, cherries, red and white currants


Care and Protecting Fruit in June

Uncover protected strawberries

Net early fruit to protect from birds

Open one side of fruit cages to allow easier access to pollinating insects

Thin plum fruit in stages - preferably once at the beginning of the month and once at the end of the month

Thin apples lightly if the set of fruit seems heavy however it's best to wait until the natural fruit drop towards the end of the month before final thinning

Thin pears lightly if the set of fruit seems heavy however it's best to wait until the natural fruit drop towards the end of the month before final thinning

Continue to spray pears and apples against scab

Remove suckers and runners from between raspberry and strawberry rows if present 

Continue to spray raspberry and blackberry canes against spur blight if it is a known problem 

Continue to spray fruit trees and bushes against pests such as aphids, mites, caterpillars and other pests once the blossoms have faded

Keep all fruit trees and bushes watered in dry spells especially container and wall grown specimens


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