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November Fruit Calendar

List of jobs to do in the Fruit Garden in November


Late Autumn Nuts

Below is a list of essential jobs to do in the fruit garden in November.


Because the defaults for this website are set for the UK, as well as monthly 'jobs to do calendars', we have also included seasonal calendars, so all visitors can choose the appropriate season for their location.


You may also wish to check our resources page where you can find more detailed articles explaining how to do specific jobs such as pruning, sowing and ground preparation.



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Start cleaning up all beds and borders, removing surface debris and
plants which have already been harvested

Water plants which are still producing crops during dry spells

Start a compost heap


Harvesting & Storing Fruit in November

Complete the picking of late apples and pears

Continue to pick nuts

Continue to pick ripened berries regularly


Care, Pruning, Propagation & planting  fruit in November

Cut out the old fruited canes of blackberries at ground level and tie in the new canes to replace them.  

Complete pruning of raspberries and check canes are securely tied in  

Prune out dead or diseased shoots on apple and pear trees

Plant new fruit trees and bushes as soon as possible


Protecting Fruit in November

Apply grease bands to your trees now to stop another infestation next year

Check that fruit cages and netting are secure  

Net or cotton all fruit against bird attack  

Spray apple and pears trees against canker  

Spray peach and nectarine trees against peach leaf curl if not already done


Planning and Buying Fruit Trees in November

Order fruit seeds for next year

Order bare root or pot grown trees and bushes

Plan new fruit beds and plots for next year


See individual growing pages

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