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Start growing your own crops 

Getting started growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers: from planning to planting


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Unless you are only going to grow a couple of pots of herbs on a windowsill, there are a few things you should consider before you start which could save you a lot of work and/or disappointment later on.  Below are the basic items which need a little thought.

Small Garden Layout

How much space do you have to plant crops?

To avoid over crowding, wasted seedlings and even under planting, it is important to give yourself some idea of how much space you are going to allocate to growing  crops and will probably affect the choice of crops you decide upon

> > > >   Read how to decide

Veg and Herb Basket

Which crops should you grow?

The type of vegetables, fruit, herbs or edible flowers you grow will not only depend on how much space you have but, more importantly they should be foods you like. Even if you have an allotment you should think carefully about what you will grow.

> > > >   Read how to choose

Veg Plot Plan 

Planning vegetable, fruit & herbs beds

Once you've decided what to grow, you'll need to decide exactly what is going where, especially when it comes to taller plants such as fruit bushes which if planted in the wrong place may not only crop badly but may also interfere with smaller plants.

> > > >   Read how to plan your space

Garden equipment

What equipment will you need?

Depending on what you've decided to grow and where you've decided to grow it, there is a huge range of items you could buy. However, there's no point buying a wheel barrow if you only have a hanging basket.

> > > >   Read what equipment you'll need

Seed Packets

 Obtaining Seed and Plants

You have the plan....you have the tools and equipment and you've prepared your plot.  Now all that's needed is to obtain the seed or plants you wish to grow. There are a number of ways to do so.

> > > >   Read how to obtain seeds & plants





Ready to start?

If you are sure you have covered all the basics above, then all that's left is to start growing. Of course you'll have to buy the seeds,  plants, bushes or trees and sow or plant at the right time, so we suggest to visit one of the following pages to get details for growing specific crops.


 Vegetables Fruit Herbs Edible Flowers

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