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How to Grow Fruit

A guide to growing fruit in garden beds, raised beds,

allotments and containers


With so much talk about impending world food shortages, now is a good time to start growing your own. Most people only think about growing vegetables however there are lots of fruit which can be grown at home or on allotments, especially with the ever increasing dwarf varieties available, many of which can be grown in containers. What better than a home grown peach, warm juicy & straight from the tree.


Click the links below to find detailed sowing, planting, pruning, training, growing and harvesting instructions for each of the fruit you want to grow whether on a large allotment or in a single container on the balcony.

There is lots of information and  in-depth  articles on this website covering everything from basic soil  facts to harvesting  your crops and if you are just starting to grow your own, we would advise you to read the section Getting Started.  Alternatively, try our Resources page for in depth articles covering all areas of growing your own fruit including detailed information about buying, tree forms, planting, rootstocks, named cultivars and lots more.

 How to grow Fruit Trees & Vines

(How to Grow Top Fruit)


How to grow Fruit Bushes & Plants

(How to Grow Soft Fruit)


Apple Apricot Blackcurrant Blackberry
Cherry Damson Blueberry Boysenberry
Fig Greengage Cranberry Gooseberry
Kiwi Nectarine Loganberry Raspberry
Peach Pear Redcurrant Rhubarb
Plum   Strawberry Whitecurrant

See individual fruit growing pages

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