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How to Grow Herbs

A guide to growing herbs in garden beds, raised beds, allotments, growbags and containers


Even if you just have an indoor windowsill or a hanging basket, you can grow fresh  herbs which are a must for kitchen use for home cooks to professional chefs alike.


Click the links below to find detailed sowing, planting, growing and harvesting instructions for each of the herbs you want to grow.


There is lots of information and  in-depth  articles on this website covering everything from basic soil info to harvesting your crops and if you are just starting to grow your own, we would advise you to read the section Getting Started.


Basil Bay Borage Chervil
Chives Coriander Dill Marjoram
Mint Oregano Parsley Rosemary
Sage Tarragon Thyme


Companion Planting

In the Kitchen



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