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How to Grow Vegetables

How to start a vegetable garden and grow vegetables in garden beds, raised beds, allotments, growbags & containers

Home Grown Vegetables

With much talk about impending world food shortages, now is a good time to start growing your own garden plants. Certainly in the UK, various local authorities have started schemes to grow vegetables in unused public spaces, and whilst this is a great community idea, most people could, if they wished, grow vegetables at home - even if it's just a hanging basket with some tomatoes.


Click the links below to find detailed sowing, planting, growing and harvesting instructions for each of the vegetables you want to grow whether on a large allotment or in a single container on the balcony.

The growing details include the height and spread of the vegetable plants to enable you to plan your beds and plots ensuring the larger plants don't obscure the smaller ones and is very useful if you intend planting veggies amongst your flower borders.

Artichokes (Globe) Asparagus Aubergines Bean - Broad
Beans - Climbing Beans - Dwarf Beans - French Beans - Runner
Beet (leaf) Beetroot Bell Peppers Broccoli
Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Calabrese Capsicum (peppers)
Carrots Cauliflower Celeriac Celery
Chillies Courgette Cucumbers Eggplant
 Endive  (Frisee) Florence Fennel  Garlic Jerusalem Artichoke
Kale  Kohl Rabi Leaf Beet Leeks
Lettuce Mange Tout Marrow Onions (Maincrop)
Parsnips  Peas Peppers (Sweet) Potatoes
Pumpkin Radish Runner Beans Rutabaga
Shallots Spinach Spring Onions  Squash
Swede Sweetcorn  Sweet Peppers Sweet Potato
Swiss chard Tomatoes Turnips Zucchini


There is lots of information and  in-depth  articles on this website covering everything from basic soil info to harvesting your crops and if you are just starting to grow your own, we would advise you to read the section Getting Started.

Pests and Diseases

Companion Plants

See individual vegetable pages above for details

See individual Vegetable pages

In the Kitchen

See individual growing Vegetable pages for basic details on how to store, prepare and cook each variety.

We recommend that you visit our sister site www.recipes4us.co.uk for thousands of inspirational recipes and ideas plus in depth culinary information and articles relating to  food including preparation, nutrition and history.


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