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How to Grow Bay

Growing Bay in Containers and Gardens

Latin Name Laurel (Laurus nobilis L.)
Type of Plant Evergreen Tree
Suitable for Large Pots,  Sheltered Gardens

 Companion Plants      In the Kitchen


Plant Dimensions

Various - Height up to 15m  - Spread up to 90cm/3ft


Sowing Seed

Not Recommended


Growing  in open ground Bays are not winter hardy in areas where anything but the lightest frosts are concerned. Best planted in a sheltered positiion.

Growing  in Pots

Buy a pot grown specimen and place outdoors in in a sunny sheltered place. Re-pot into larger pots as necessary.  Suitable for topiary (pruned and trimmed into shapes such as pyramids or balls).


IMPORTANT - Make sure you buy sweet bay plants from reputable suppliers as most other laurels are poisonous.


Pick individual young leaves from all over the plant.


Companion Planting

In the Kitchen

Plant near beans or grains

Repels weevils and moths

Goes well with meat dishes especially stews, casseroles and meat pasta sauces. Used in Bouquet Garni.

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