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How to Grow Tarragon

Growing French Tarragon in Containers, Gardens and Allotments

French Tarragon
Latin Name Artemisia dracunculus
Type of Plant Tender Perennial
Suitable for Containers, garden beds

 Companion Plants      In the Kitchen


Plant Dimensions

Various - can grow up to 90cm/3 ft  High and wide depending on variety.  Try to get French Tarragon rather than Russian Tarragon.

Sowing Seed

Not Recommended. Propagate existing plants by root division or cuttings in the spring or autumn.

Growing  on

Buy a pot grown specimen and place outdoors in in a semi-shaded, sheltered place. Move to a sunny sheltered spot or indoors in Winter.


Only plant in garden beds if they are in a sheltered position in a very mild climate (southern UK)


It is best to use fresh young leaves and stem tips

Companion Planting

In the Kitchen

Plant near to Aubergine (Eggplant)



Particularly good with  chicken or beef and is well known as a flavouring for vinegar. Use sparingly as the flavour is very pronounced. French Tarragon has a better flavour.

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