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Information and articles relating to growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers


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Below are links to in-depth articles and editorial covering a wide range of subjects relating to growing crops in different situations such as containers, raised beds, gardens, allotments and greenhouses plus  soil and site management, compost, growing organically, gardening equipment and general growing guidelines. Everything you'll ever need to know to grow your own crops. We will be adding more in-depth articles over the coming months so do be sure to re-visit soon.



Companion Planting

Container Gardening





Fruit Bushes and Trees

Links - Links to other gardening & food related websites

Indoor Gardening 

Pests and Diseases

  • List of common Fruit pests and diseases

  • List of common Vegetable  pests and diseases

Site Planning and Management

Soil, Composts and Manures 




Greenhouse Gardening

Organic Gardening

  • How to grow Organically

  • What does Organic mean?

Seeds and Plants

Tools and  Equipment


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