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List of Gardening Tools & Equipment

Description,  pictures and uses of gardening equipment tools and accessories


Gardening Tools


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     Protective Clothing  
    Includes footwear
Soil cultivation and
Sowing, planting and crop maintenance
Including cages, sheds & greenhouses

If you are a beginner at gardening this helpful list with pictures will explain basic gardening tools and equipment available and their uses. Even if you are an old hand at gardening, it may be worth you taking a look as you may find tools, equipment or accessories which you've not come come across before. It's also useful if you need to replace old tools.

Although this guide is comprehensive, do not feel you need to immediately buy everything listed here, as your needs will be dependant on what you decide to grow and where you will be growing it. To find out what you'll need for your particular situation, we suggest that you visit our How to choose Gardening Tools & Equipment  page.

Some gardening equipment can be expensive, however whatever equipment you decide to buy,  be sure to look after it. Leaving spades and forks outdoors for weeks on end can shorten their working lives considerably, however with a minimum of effort, most gardening equipment can see you through a lifetime's gardening so it's worth paying a little extra for good quality tools and equipment.

NB   This section only deals with tools and equipment. For information about compost, fertilisers and chemicals visit our Resources section.

List of Gardening tools and equipment and their uses

To make it even more simple, you can buy most of the equipment listed below by clicking the pictures which are direct links to the product on Amazon. 


Warning:  Once on the Amazon website, please make sure you check the product details before buying, especially when it comes to sizes and measurements.



Protective Gardening Clothing

If you are doing anything more than growing herbs on a windowsill indoors, it's as well to buy some gardening clothes to protect you from injury, dirt and soil. Most aren't that expensive.


Apart from saving your casual shoes or trainers from getting dirty or damaged, having a pair of heavy duty shoes or boots will also protect your feet from stones, falling items or tools, so it's worth investing in a sturdy pair of gardening shoes or wellington boots.

Gardening Aprons
Aprons not only protect your clothes from dirt but many are also highly functional with additional pockets and pouches which can hold things from seed packets to hand tools - plant labels to garden twine. They also come in handy for your mobile phone or keys.

Gardening Gloves
A pair of gardening gloves is a must to keep your hands protected from cuts and abrasions. There are may varieties available from light-weight cotton gloves to thick waterproof heavy duty gloves so it may be worth investing in a pair of each type.

Garden Tools

This is a long handled tool with 3 angled prongs used to break down large clods of earth when preparing garden beds If you have a large plot it may be worth investing in a mechanical cultivator.
Draw Hoe
This is a long handled tool used for weeding using a chopping action and for drawing up soil around plants "earthing up". You can get also double hoes which incorporate a draw hoe and cultivator in one.
Dutch Hoe
Also called a "push" hoe, this long handled tool has a flat blade and is used with a to and fro action for weeding, slicing off weeds at ground level. In order to work efficiently , it needs to be kept sharpened.
Garden Fork
This is a long handled fork which has 4-5 rounded prongs or tines used for digging soil in situations where using a spade may be difficult and also for turning the soil over to make it more workable.
A long handled tool used  create a fine tilth for a seed bed, to level  it out and to gather up surface stones. Do not confuse with a spring tine rake which has little use when growing crops.
A long handled tool traditionally  used for digging, shovelling soil and compost.  They are available in various sizes and can often be bought as a set together with a garden fork.
Hand Cultivator
This is a short handled version as above suitable for use on smaller areas
Hand Draw Hoe
This is a short handled version as above suitable for use on smaller areas
Hand Hoe/Cultivator
This is a short handled dual head tool suitable for use on smaller areas
Hand Fork
This is a short handled version as above suitable for use on smaller areas
Hand Rake
This is a short handled version as above suitable for use on smaller areas

Hand trowel
This is a short handled version as above suitable for use on smaller areas

Gardening Accessories and Equipment

Listed in Alphabetical Order


Bamboo Canes
An invaluable aid as they give sturdy support to taller crops

Bamboo Cane Grips
Joins up to 5 tall bamboo canes to form a wigwam for growing climbing beans

Bamboo Cane Caps
Safety caps for the tops of canes so you don't poke your eye out

Bamboo Joiners
Joins several canes to make support  frames for netting, fleece, polythene

Basket or Trug
Handy for carrying tools and harvested crops around the garden

Makes moving waste and carrying equipment much easier

Used to protect crops. Rigid or polythene tunnels or individual bell cloches

Come in various shapes, sizes and materials suitable for growing a wide variety of crops
This is used to make planting holes or seed drills and is available in plastic, wood or metal.
Garden Fleece
Used to cover and protect plants from the elements. Particularly useful for late frosts in Spring
Garden Pegs
Used for securing netting, line or fleece to the ground. Available in metal or plastic.

Garden Twine
Used for may tying  jobs including tying plants to stakes. Available in natural jute and coated
Greenhouse Heater

Greenhouse Auto Vent

Greenhouse Louvre Vents

Greenhouse Shading

Greenhouse Staging

Greenhouse Thermostat

Grow Bag Supports
Used to support taller  plants grown in growbags

Hanging Baskets
Wire, metal or plastic used for hanging displays

Hanging Basket Liner
Used for holding compost in baskets

Hanging Brackets
Used  to display  hanging  baskets
Hosepipe Kit
Useful for watering larger areas (see sprinkler below)

Hydroponics Kit
Used for indoor soil free gardening
Kneeling Pad
Protects your knees whilst kneeling. Simple pads also available.

Labels (reusable)
Used for marking position of crops. Available in wood, metal and plastic

Line and Pin Set
Used for sowing or planting in a straight line. Plastic, wood or metal.
Used for taking smaller branches off trees. Often telescopic.
Measuring Rules
Used for measuring plots & beds and for accurate plant spacing. Steel or wooden
Used to protect plants from birds, pets & other wildlife. Usually plastic coated.

Plant Ties
Used for tying stems of plants to supports. Plastic.
Used for sowing seedlings. Electric versions available.
Pruners & Secateurs
Used for making sharp clean cuts on plant stems
 Raised Bed Kits
Used to increase the depth of soil in limited areas

  Seed Trays (Plastic)
Used for sowing seeds prior to planting out

Used for making sharp clean cuts on plant stems
Used for removing small stones from soil

 Sprayers (Pressure)
Used for spraying plants with water or chemicals

Water Butt
Used for collection rainwater
   Watering Can
Used for watering smaller areas and containers

 Water Sprinkler Kit
Attaches to a hosepipe to water large areas

Wooden Stakes
Used as a sturdy support for young fruit trees

Garden Structures

These items tend to be permanent features and can be quite expensive, so careful consideration should be given before purchasing in particular check the space you have available and planning by-laws in your area.

Used to protect fruit and vegetables from birds and wildlife. Available in a range of sizes and heights
Cold Frames
Used to protect small plants and  seedlings. Can also be used to grow small crops such as lettuce
Compost Bins
Used for making compost from garden and kitchen waste. Traditional made in wood, plastic is available
Mini Greenhouses
Ideal for when space is limited but you wish to grow tender plants. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be free standing or placed against a wall for added insulation. Generally made with non-rigid plastic sheeting
Ideal if you have enough room in your garden or plot and you wish to grow tender plants. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be free standing or as a lean to against a wall for added insulation. Made with sturdy frames including aluminium and wood and rigid plastic (polycarbonate) or glass.
Tool and Potting Sheds
These come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and in various materials from a 6 x 4ft tool box to a shed large enough to walk in and accommodate work benches. Traditionally made of wood, they are now available in aluminium.

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