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August Vegetables & Herbs Calendar

List of jobs to do in the Vegetable Garden in August


August Vegetables and Herbs

Below is a list of essential jobs to do in the vegetable and herb garden in August.


Because the defaults for this website are set for the UK, as well as monthly 'jobs to do calendars', we have also included seasonal calendars, so all visitors can choose the appropriate season for their location.


You may also wish to check our resources page where you can find more detailed articles explaining how to do specific jobs such as pruning, sowing and ground preparation.



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  • Keep an eye on the weather and water plants when necessary. Container grown plants may need watering more than once a day in very dry hot weather. Best done in the evening.


Harvesting & Storing Vegetables in August

Continue harvesting globe artichokes, broad beans, climbing, French and runner beans, beetroot, sprouting broccoli, summer cabbage, summer cauliflower, carrots, chard,  courgettes, outdoor cucumbers, endive, herbs, kohl rabi, leaf beet, lettuce,  marrow,  peppers, maincrop onions (sets), shallots (sets), squash, radish,  spinach, spring onions, tomatoes, turnips

Start harvesting  aubergines, chillies, maincrop potatoes, late peas

If necessary, freeze or otherwise preserve excess crops (see individual growing pages)


Sowing & Planting Vegetables in August


Sow  - Spring Cabbage, Winter lettuce, Winter Spinach

Continue sowing:-  Chard,  Endive,  Kohl rabi, Leaf Beet, Loose Lettuce,  Radish,   Spring Onions,  Turnips


Sowing & Planting Herbs in August


Plant shop bought container plants outdoors

Sow Basil, Oregano, Marjoram, Borage, Chervil, Chives, Coriander, Dill, Parsley outside in pots which can be moved indoors or to a sheltered position in the late autumn


Care and Protecting Vegetables & Herbs in August

Water plots, beds and containers in dry weather. Containers may need watering every day in very dry warm weather. Best done in the evening

Feed container grown plants at least once a week

Feed hungry plants such as courgettes and tomatoes once a week

Pinch out the tops of flowering herb plants to prevent them going to seed too quickly

Mulch plants if possible

Continue removing side shoots and tips of outdoor grown tomatoes

Continue staking plants where necessary

If slugs and snails are a problem apply a slug killer to the soil as early as possible. This may have to be re-applied especially after rain.

Keep a look out for  pests and diseases and treat as necessary

Continue to thin plants (see individual growing pages for spacing)

Continue earthing up potatoes

Hoe or hand weed regularly


Pests and Diseases

Companion Plants

See Individual growing pages

See Individual growing pages

In the Kitchen



Whilst there is general storing, preparation and cooking information on the individual growing pages, for lots more cooking, storing and preserving  information and recipes visit our sister site www.recipes4us.co.uk




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