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October Vegetables & Herbs Calendar

List of jobs to do in the Vegetable Garden in October


Pumpkins  in October

Below is a list of essential jobs to do in the vegetable and herb garden in October.


Because the defaults for this website are set for the UK, as well as monthly 'jobs to do calendars', we have also included seasonal calendars, so all visitors can choose the appropriate season for their location.


You may also wish to check our resources page where you can find more detailed articles explaining how to do specific jobs such as pruning, sowing and ground preparation.



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October is a good time to start preparing ground and digging beds ready for next season. Clearing plants which have finished cropping as you go will save on having to do a big job all in one big task and will make digging the land over much easier.

After digging vacant ground can be covered with black polythene to stop  weeds growing

Much of the vegetation will be suitable for making compost, so if you haven't already got one, now is a good time to start a compost heap.


Harvesting & Storing Vegetables in October

Harvest pumpkins, marrows, butternut and other squashes  once ripe. Leave them in the sun, or in a ventilated greenhouse or garage so skins harden and dry off, before storing in a cool, dry, dark place

Continue lifting beetroot, carrots and remaining potatoes and store unblemished roots in a cool, dark well ventilated place

Pick any remaining runner and green beans

Continue harvesting  leaf beet, spinach, endive, kohl rabi, lettuce and courgettes (Zucchini)

Start  harvesting autumn cauliflower, cabbages, celeriac, celery, broccoli, salsify, baby turnips  and Brussels sprouts

Dig up any remaining outdoor tomato plants and hang them upside-down in the greenhouse to allow the fruits to ripen or use green fruit for chutney


Care, Sowing & Planting Vegetables & Herbs in October

In mild regions sow overwintering broad beans where they are to grow

Plant out spring cabbages

Finish planting autumn onion and shallot  sets by the 2nd week in October

Garlic can still be planted in mild areas

Cut back the dying tops of Jerusalem Artichokes to ground level

Cut back asparagus fronds if not already done

Cut off the tops of bean and pea plants but leave the roots and dig in as these provide valuable nitrogen to the soil

Lift and divide perennial herbs. Sections can also be potted up and kept in the kitchen to provide winter supplies.

Move basil into the greenhouse or indoors to protect it from the cold. Pinching off any flower heads will keep the plant producing leaves for culinary use.


Protecting Vegetables & Herbs in October

Protect newly planted crops from pigeons with netting

Keep an eye out for caterpillars on brassicas such as red cabbage and pick them off by hand.

Earth up Celery and cover with fleece or straw if frosts are expected

Remove all plant debris from the vegetable patch or allotment, to reduce the spread of disease and pests

Remove yellowing leaves on Brussels sprouts to prevent grey mould

Burn all leaves and plants which look as though they may be diseased

Protect late varieties of cauliflower from early frosts by bending a few of the leaves over the curds


Planning and Buying Vegetables in October

Order Seed Catalogues

Plan new Vegetable plots and herbs beds for next year

Pests and Diseases

Companion Plants

See Individual growing pages

See Individual growing pages

In the Kitchen

Although harvesting will be tailing off from now, you may still end up with too much of any one crop to eat straight away.


There are many methods of storing vegetables including making preserves such as pickles and chutneys, bottling, particularly in vinegar or flavoured oils,  freezing and even drying or salting.


Whilst there is general storing, preparation and cooking information on the individual growing pages, for lots more cooking, storing and preserving  information and recipes visit our sister site www.recipes4us.co.uk


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